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These hands shall carry you home


'In These hands shall carry you home, Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee assembles a collection of family images and manipulates them into abstraction. Family photography is an integral aspect of Elizabeth’s practice, and These hands shall carry you home is the result of her observation of such patterns in her practice that seemed inherited from her father. Intimate details of hands—interlaced, gripped and embraced—are cropped and blown to monumental scale, superimposed and intervened. The result is a wallpaper resembling the galaxy in which memories, reclaimed or imagined, are scattered. Through the lens of personal histories, Elizabeth researches into the innate, collective and transcendental memory.' 

– Enterprise Projects 

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Installation: 300 x 200 cm vinyl, black and white matte print, plywood, fibreboard

; Group show // Enterprise House // Organised by Enterprise Projects // 20–22 July 2018

'@BoiHugo, Carlos Alba, Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee and Marvin Tang are taking over Enterprise Projects for a weekend. Works will examine personal, familial, collective and national identity to draw on issues of race, sexuality, colonialism, exoticisation, patriarchy and collective memory under an exhibition titled ; .

A ; can expand into an explanation or an afterthought. It bridges ideas together, stronger than a comma,but not a full stop either. Transition between thoughts that are linked; the title of the show unites the arguments.' 

— Enterprise Projects

Exhibition listing featured on Dazed and Art Rabbit

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