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'Walk through an installation of dreamy and ethereal portraits by photographer Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee. Reimagining the impact of the Great Wall of China, this photographic series imagines a wall built by the hands and minds of women today, and explores and alternative Chinese history in an attempt to subvert and satirise the fetishisation of Asian women.'


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Sino Flux Friday Late // V&A // 24 November 2017

As plans are afoot to construct a new Silk Road and the world's largest airport is being built in Beijing, we ask how China is reshaping its position in today's globalised world. Uncover a rural rebellion as Chinese artists abandon cities to create new village communities, watch trailblazing female Imams from China's Muslim community, and discover how new notions of gender fluidity and sexuality are empowering artists. Come and celebrate the contemporary art, design, sounds and states of China in flux.

Event listed on V&A.

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